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An Introduction to U.S. Immigration

The U.S. immigration system is essentially divided into three categories for those seeking permanent residency:

  1. Close Family Ties: such as spouses, parents, brothers and sisters or adult children
  2. Education: those with at least a bachelor’s degree and preferably a master’s degree or those with no less than 12 years of work experience
  3. Money: those with no less than $500,000 or $1 million to invest in a qualified regional center in the United Realistically, those with family ties will seek to apply for residency through this process if such ties are of a close degree, the waiting period is not long and the petitioner, or sponsor, has the financial ability to endorse such an application.

Those with a higher education, referred to as ‘skilled or professional workers,’ will need to identify a U.S. sponsor willing to hire them for a specific job, at a specific salary, with a specific job description. Often times this poses a serious challenge for any foreign national as U.S. employers generally seek to hire employees from within the U.S. Furthermore, the employer must demonstrate that it is financially solvent during the entire process time period in order to ensure that the employee will continue to be gainfully employed at the end of the process.

Consequently, we are left with the “money” alternative. The EB-5 program was created as a job creation and foreign investment program specifically to encourage high net worth individuals to migrate to the U.S., stimulate the U.S. economy and make a valuable contribution to society.

Regional Center Development

Florida Immigration attorney Larry J. Behar has created an EB-5 team that helps developers across the country with the creation and administration of regional centers. The team and attorneys provides comprehensive services, including:

  • Legal advisement in connection with regional center creation
  • Preparation of regional center applications and accompanying documents
  • Exclusive processing of EB-5 visas for regional center investors
  • Administration of EB-5 regional centers

Your One-Stop-Shop

The BLG team consists of top legal attorneys and business professionals who, each in their own realm, are able to advise clients and provide written reports for the creation of regional center submissions.

ConstructionTogether, the team provides expertise and hands-on guidance at both the initial stage and throughout, for both the investor and the regional center sponsor. The team provides developers with a ‘one stop shop‘ of economists, business plan writers, marketing and IT experts, SEC attorneys, and U.S. EB-5 immigration authorities — all under the direction of Larry J. Behar, a Florida immigration lawyer with more than three decades of experience in immigration law. The team has established regional centers in several states and has pending applications for numerous regional centers. Each regional center submission is created with the uniqueness that lies behind each project and spreads across a vast range of uses, which include: tourism resorts, mega shopping centers, a hospital, gold mines, land development projects and multi-use retail hotels throughout the country.

EB-5 Visa Processing

Are you a foreign investor seeking to live and work in the United States? Are you a developer seeking new sources of investment capital? If so, the EB-5 program might be your answer.

Immigration Through Investment

The Behar Law Group helps foreign investors and developers benefit from the congressionally mandated EB-5 program. U.S. immigration laws now encourage developers to create regional centers that are designed to boost the U.S. economy through job creation.


Foreign investors who have one million dollars to invest (or a half-million dollars in some cases, when the investment project is in a targeted employment area) may be eligible to receive an EB-5 investor visa, a wonderful path toward permanent residency. A foreign investor applying for an EB-5 visa may live anywhere in the U.S., and over time, an EB-5 visa holder may be eligible to become a U.S. Citizen.

EB-5 Visa Processing

Initially, the firm helps developers establish a regional center. Once the regional center is created and approved by USCIS, the firm then acts as the exclusive visa processor for foreign investors seeking an EB-5 visa. From there, the Behar Law Group offers comprehensive immigration services on behalf of the EB-5 visa holder throughout the road to permanency.

Experience You Can Trust

Florida immigration attorney Larry J. Behar has been practicing in immigration law for more than 30 years. He is the author of “How to Immigrate to the USA,” a step-by-step immigration guide, and “EB-5 United States Immigration Through Investment,” which has helped thousands of people seeking to enter and live in the United States. Mr. Behar cares about his clients and works diligently to find solutions to complex immigration challenges.

EB-5 Franchising

Behar Law GroupThe EB-5 immigration program is an opportunity for qualified foreign nationals to become permanent residents “green card” of the United States. The EB-5 franchising (a form of independent investment) option, allows foreign immigrants to invest into a franchise rather than a regional center, bringing down the overall investment risk. EB-5 franchising allows foreign investors to be “hands on” from beginning to end.

Various Benefits Include:

  • Recognized brand names both in the U.S. and abroad;
  • Locations in urban and rural areas;
  • Increased chances of business success because you are associating with proven products and methods;
  • Low risk inventory, most are non-perishable;
  • Recognized job creation levels;
  • Business in a box model. Support from the franchisor in training, consulting, bookkeeping (accounting services), technology, property and equipment, product distribution, advertising support
  • Projected return of principal in the business plan;
  • Fair rate of return during investment period;
  • Live, work, and attend any school in the U.S.
  • U.S education for all minor children below 21 years of age;
  • Personal and Family Security in America;

Franchising Process:

  • Royalty arrangement- pay the franchisor based on your store’s gross profit.
  • Making the investment
  • Step-by-step timeline- Learn the steps to joining a franchise business- from the application to taking over stores in a few months.
  • Discovering the best franchise- Figure out what the best franchise is for you and decide if it is a good fit.


To be considered as a candidate for a franchise, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be 21 years of age or older
  • Prove permanent residency in the United States
  • We prefer you have Retail, Management and/or Customer Service–related business experience within the United States
  • Not have filed for bankruptcy within the last 7 years
  • Have excellent credit

Franchising Costs:

Legal fees (immigration)


Franchising Documents Review


Business Plan


Corporate Preparation


Source of funds


Costs (estimated)






NOTE Costs vary depending on the franchise you wish to invest in, as well as how many you choose to invest in.

Franchise Timeline:

  • Apply
  • Sales manager interview
  • Qualification testing
  • Store selection
  • Business selection
  • Business planning
  • Final interview
  • Agreement signing
  • Training

EB-5 Independent Investor

The EB-5 visa preference category, created by Congress in 1990, is available for immigrants seeking to enter the United States by investing $1 million into a legal entity, which in turn benefits the U.S. economy and creates jobs.  The EB-5 independent investment allows the investor to be “hands on” from start to end. Investors have the liberty of starting a legal entity or investing in a U.S. franchiseof their choice.

To qualify you must:

1. Form a legal entity:

    • LLC
    • LP
    • SP
    • Incorporation

2.Investment in a new or established commercial enterprise

    • $1 million
    • $500,000 in a targeted employment area (TEA)

3. Secured by personal property, not by investment

4. Substantial completion of payment in 2 years of investment

    • Preferably prior to filing I-526

5. Investment made or funds committed in concrete business activity.

6. Investor EB-5 compliant comprehensive business plan

7. Job description of each position, salary, title, U.S. lawful of employees

    • I-9 (employment eligibility verification form)
    • W2 (tax form issued by employers)

8. Critical path jobs ramp up, dates of future employment

9. Creation of ten (10) direct jobs for U.S. workers within two years of filing

10. Description of investor management duties, time, policy formation, day-to-day business activity, tile.

11. Proof of employment, I-9, pay stubs, pay roll records, W2

12. State targeted employment area (TEA) where applicable

    • Letter from the State RE TEA
    • Letter from Municipality (optional)

13. Lifting  of conditional residency I-829, funds invested or actively investing, substantial capital investment requirement met

14.Congressional intent

    • i.      Job creation
    • ii.      Foreign direct investment

15. No criminal record

16. Spouse and children considerations

17.Attorney narrative

    • Integrate all components of case

18. I-526 application

If all qualifications fit, an application for immigration investor status will be available through the completion and filing of the I-526 application. Included in the filing are: extensive documentation recognizing the commercial investment, the I-5 26, and supporting documents, which are then submitted to the USCIS for review.

Application Process:

Acquiring lawful permanent residence (“Green Card”) through the EB-5 category is a three step self-petitioning process:

  1. The successful applicant must obtain approval of his or her Form I-526 Petition for an Alien Entrepreneur;
  2. He or she must either file an I-485 application to adjust status to lawful permanent resident, or apply for an immigrant visa at a U.S. consulate or embassy outside of the United States. The EB-5 applicant (and he or her derivative family members) are granted conditional permanent residence for a two year period upon the approval of the I-485 application or upon entry into the United States with an EB-5 immigrant visa;
  3. A Form I-829 Petition by an Entrepreneur to Remove Conditions must be filed 90 days prior to the two year anniversary of the granting of the EB-5 applicant’s conditional Green Card.  If this petition is approved by CIS then the EB-5 applicant will be issued a new Green Card without any further conditions attached to it, and will be allowed to permanently live and work in the United States


Behar Law Group



• 直系亲属移民: 如配偶,父母,兄弟姐妹或成年子女
• 通过教育: 至少拥有学士学位,最好是硕士学位或不少于12年的工作经验
• 通过资金: 以50万或100万美元投资到一个美国的合格区域中心或自己的企业

那些以亲属关系申请移民的人应具备以下条件: 亲属是直系关系,等待移民配额时间不长,并且申请人或担保人有经济能力承担这种申请。

那些具有高学历的人,被称为“专业技术人员”,他们需要找到一家美国单位愿意聘请他们,支付一定的薪水,和从事具体的职责。 就业通常对一些外国人来说是一个不小的挑战,因为美国雇主一般都愿意雇佣本国人。 如果聘用外国人,雇主必须证明他有经济能力,能够支付和确保外籍雇员在整个申请过程中被持续全职雇用。

最后一项便是通过“资金”渠道。 EB-5 计划创建的目的是为了在美国创造就业和吸引外国资金,特别是鼓励那些拥有高资产净额的人士移民美国,以此刺激美国经济并对社会有所贡献。


佛罗里达州罗德岱堡市的白龙瑞律师成立了EB-5 梦之队 帮助全国各地的发展商建立区域中心。 该团队的全方位服务包括:

• 建立区域中心的法律宣传
• 准备区域中心申请文件
• 区域中心 EB-5 签证申请独家代理
• 区域中心的管理


EB-5 梦之队 由顶尖法律,商业专业人士组成,他们在各自的领域为客户申请区域中心申请投资移民提供所需的全面专业服务。


梦之队向移民局申报了全美国几个州的十几家区域中心,其中一半以上已经获批。 每一家区域中心所涉及的领域都有所不同,其中包括有:度假中心,大型商场,医院,金矿,大型地产项目以及多用途的酒店等。

EB-5 签证过程

您是在寻找投资移民美国的外国投资者吗? 您是在寻找资金来源的开发商吗? 如果您是的话,EB-5 计划可能就是您的答案。


白龙瑞法律集团帮助外国投资者和美国发展商从美国国会授权的EB-5 计划中受益,该计划鼓励发展商成立区域中心帮助刺激美国经济以及创造就业。

外国投资者通过投资一百万美元(或在一个目标就业地区投资五十万美元)EB-5 投资移民签证。EB-5 投资移民签证获批者可以在美国任何地方生活居住,若干年后,投资者可以申请入籍美国公民。

EB-5 签证过程

首先,本事务所帮助开发商成立区域中心。 区域中心获得美国移民局批准后,事务所为区域中心的外国投资者申请EB-5 签证。 与此同时,本事务所也为EB-5投资者提供全方面的移民服务。


白龙瑞律师有30多年承办移民案件的经验。他的著作“如何移民美国”和“EB-5美国投 资移民”帮助了数以千记的想在美国生活居住的人。白律师尽心尽力为他的客户解决各类错综复杂的移民案件。

Domaines de Pratique

Behar Law Group

Une introduction à l’immigration américaine

Le système d’immigration aux États-Unis est essentiellement divisée en trois catégories pour ceux qui cherchent la résidence permanente:

  • Des liens familiaux étroits: conjoints, parents, frères et sœurs ou les enfants adultes
  • Education: ceux qui ont au moins un baccalauréat universitaire, de préférence une maîtrise ou ceux avec pas moins de 12 ans d’expérience de travail
  • L’argent: ceux qui n’ont pas moins de $ 500.000 ou $ 1.000.000 à investir dans un centre admissible régional aux Etats-Unis, ceux qui ont des liens familiaux chercheront à une demande de résidence à travers ce processus, si de tels liens sont dans un degré rapproché, la période d’attente n’est pas longue et le requérant ou le commanditaire, a la capacité finançière de prouver une telle demande. (Investissement individual aussi acceptable).

Ceux qui ont une éducation supérieure, dénommés “travailleurs qualifiés ou professionnels”, auront besoin d’identifier un commanditaire américain prêt à les engager pour un travail spécifique, à un traitement spécifique, avec une description de poste spécifique. Souvent, cela pose un sérieux défi pour un étranger que les employeurs américains cherchent généralement à engager des employés à l’intérieur des États-Unis. En outre, l’employeur doit démontrer qu’il est solvable au cours de la période de temps ensemble du processus afin de s’assurer que l’employé continuera à avoir un emploi rémunéré à la fin du processus.

En conséquence, on se retrouve avec le choix de “l’argent”. Le programme EB-5 a été créé pour un programme de création d’emplois et l’investissement étranger en particulier pour encourager les particuliers fortunés à migrer vers les États-Unis, de stimuler l’économie américaine et apporter une contribution précieuse à la société.

Centre de développement régional

Maître Larry J. Behar, avocat chef du Groupe Juridique Behar, a créé une équipe EB-5 qui aide les développeurs à travers le pays avec la création et l’administration des centres régionaux. L’équipe et les avocats offrent des services complets, y compris:

  • Délibéré juridique dans le cadre de la creation d’ un centre régional
  • Préparation des demandes de centres régionaux et les documents d’accompagnement
  • Le traitement exclusif de visas EB-5 pour les investisseurs de centres régionaux
  • L’Administration des visas pour les centres régionaux

Votre entière équipe en un seul endroit:

L’équipe du Groupe Juridique Behar se compose des meilleurs avocats juridiques et les professionnels qui, chacun dans leur propre domaine, sont en mesure de conseiller les clients et fournir des rapports écrits pour la création de présentations des centres régionaux.

Ensemble, l’équipe fournit l’expertise et des conseils pratiques à la fois la phase initiale et tout au long, à la fois pour l’investisseur et le promoteur centre régional. L’équipe fournit aux développeurs des économistes, des écrivains du plan d’affaires, du marketing et des experts en informatique, les avocats de la SEC, et des États-Unis les autorités d’immigration EB-5 – le tout sous la direction de Larry J. Behar, un avocat spécialisé en immigration en Floride avec plus de trois décennies d’expérience en matière d’immigration. L’équipe a établi des centres régionaux dans plusieurs États et a des demandes en instance pour de nombreux centres régionaux. Chaque soumission pour un centre régional est créé avec l’unicité qui se cache derrière chaque projet et se propage à travers une vaste gamme d’utilisations, qui comprennent: les stations touristiques, des grands centres commerciaux, un hôpital, les mines d’or, les projets d’aménagement du territoire et à usages multiples hôtels à travers le pays.

Traitement du visa EB-5

Etes-vous un investisseur étranger cherchant à vivre et travailler aux États-Unis? Etes-vous un promoteur qui recherche de nouvelles sources de capital d’investissement? Si c’est le cas, le programme EB-5 pourrait être votre réponse.

Immigration grâce à l’investissement

Le Groupe Juridique Behar aide les investisseurs étrangers et les promoteurs à bénéficier du programme EB-5 mandaté par le Congrès. Les lois américaines sur l’immigration maintenant encourage les promoteurs à créer des centres régionaux qui sont conçus pour stimuler l’économie des États-Unis à travers la création d’emplois.

Les investisseurs étrangers qui ont un million de dollars à investir (ou un demi-million de dollars dans certains cas, lorsque le projet d’investissement est dans une zône d’emploi ciblée) peuvent être admissibles à recevoir un visa d’investisseur EB-5, un magnifique chemin vers la résidence permanente. Un investisseur étranger qui sollicite une visa EB-5 peut vivre n’importe où aux États-Unis, et au fil du temps, un titulaire du visa EB-5 peut être admissible pour devenir un citoyen américain.

Traitement du visa EB-5

Initialement, l’entreprise aide les développeurs à créer un centre régional. Une fois que le centre régional est créé et approuvé par le département d’immigration , l’entreprise agit alors comme le processeur exclusive du visa EB-5 pour les investisseurs étrangers qui recherchent un visa EB-5. De là, le Groupe Juridique Behar offre des services d’immigration globale au nom du titulaire du visa EB-5 tout au long de la route à la permanence.

Expérience, vous pouvez en avoir confiance

Maître Larry J. Behar, avocat chef du Groupe Juridique Behar, pratique en matière d’immigration depuis plus de 30 ans. Il est l’auteur de “Comment immigrer aux U.S.A.”  un guide d’immigration étape par étape, et “EB-5 aux États-Unis l’immigration par l’investissement,” qui a aidé des milliers de personnes cherchant à entrer et vivre aux États-Unis . Me Behar travaille avec diligence pour trouver des solutions aux défis de l’immigration complexes.


Áreas de Prática

Behar Law Group

Introdução à Imigração nos Estados Unidos

O sistema Americano de imigração está basicamente dividido em três categorias para aqueles buscando residência permanente:

  1. Laços próximos familiares: assim como conjugues, pais, irmãos e irmãs, ou filhos adultos.
  2. Educação: Aqueles com ao menos um diploma universitário e preferentemente um mestrado, ou aqueles com mínimo 12 anos de experiência laboral.
  3. Dinheiro: Aqueles com mínimo $500,000 ou $1 milhão para investir em um centro regional qualificado nos Estados Unidos.

Realisticamente, aqueles com laços familiares irão solicitar residência através deste processo se ditos laços são de um grau próximo, o período de espera não é longo e o peticionário, ou patrocinador, têm a habilidade financeira de endossar dita solicitação.

Aqueles com uma educação superior, chamados de trabalhadores profissionais ou capazes, deverão identificar um patrocinador americano disposto a contratá-los para um trabalho específico, com um salário específico e uma descrição específica do trabalho. Muitas vezes, isso coloca um desafio sério para qualquer estrangeiro, pois empregadores americanos estão geralmente à procura de empregados dentro dos Estados Unidos. Além disso, o empregador deve demonstrar que é solvente financeiramente durante todo o período do processo, a fins de garantir que o empregado continuará a ser remunerado ao fim do processo.

Consequentemente, nos resta a alternativa do dinheiro. O programa EB-5 foi criado como uma criação de empregos e um programa de investimento estrangeiro especificamente para incentivar indivíduos de altos patrimônios a imigrar aos Estados Unidos, estimular a economia americana e fazer uma contribuição valiosa à sociedade.

Desenvolvimento do Centro Regional

Advogado de Imigração da Florida, Larry J. Behar criou o EB-5 Dream Team que ajuda fomentadores através do país com a criação e administração de centros regionais. A equipe oferece serviços compreensivos, incluindo:

  • Assessoria Jurídica em conexão com a criação de centros regionais
  • Preparação de solicitações de centros regionais e documentos anexos
  • Processo exclusivo de vistos EB-5 para investidores de centros regionais
  • Administração de centros regionais EB-5

Your One-Stop-Shop

A equipe EB-5 Dream Team consiste dos melhores profissionais empresariais e jurídicos quem, cada um em seu domínio, são capazes de assessorar clientes e oferecer informes escritos as suas solicitações de criação de centros regionais. Conjuntamente, a equipe oferece perícia e orientação prática no início e através do processo, para o investidor e o patrocinador do centro regional.


A equipe oferece aos fomentadores um one stop shop de economistas, escritores de planos empresariais, expertos em IT e marketing, advogados do SEC, e autoridades da imigração EB-5 americana – todos sob a direção de Larry J. Behar, um advogado de imigração da Florida com mais de três décadas de experiência em lei imigratória.

A equipe têm estabelecido centros regionais em vários estados e têm solicitações pendentes para inúmeros centros regionais. Cada apresentação de centros regionais é criada com a singularidade que reside atrás de cada projeto que se espalha de lado a lado em uma variedade de usos, que incluem: resortes turísticos, mega shopping centers, um hospital, minas de ouro, projetos de desenvolvimento de terra e hotéis de varejo por todo o país.

Processo do visto EB-5

Você é um investidor estrangeiro procurando morar e trabalhar nos Estados Unidos? Você é um desenvolvedor à procura de novas fontes de capital de investimento? Se a resposta for sim, o programa EB-5 pode ser sua resposta.

Imigração Através de Investimento

O Behar Law Group ajuda investidores estrangeiros e fomentadores a beneficiar do programa EB-5 do congresso. Leis imigratórias americanas agora incentivam fomentadores a criar centros regionais que são designados a avançar a economia americana através da geração de empregos.


Investidores estrangeiros que tem mais de um milhão de dólares para investir (ou meio milhão de dólares em alguns casos, quando o projeto de investimento está visado à área de empregos) pode ser elegível para receber o visto de investidor EB-5, um caminho maravilhoso para a residência permanente. Um investidor estrangeiro solicitando um visto EB-5 pode morar em qualquer lugar dos Estados Unidos e com o tempo, uma pessoa com o visto EB-5 pode ser elegível a se tornar um cidadão americano.

Processo do Visto EB-5

Inicialmente, a firma ajuda os fomentadores a estabelecer um centro regional. Uma vez criado o centro regional e aprovado pelo USCIS, a firma então atua como o processador exclusivo do visto para investidores estrangeiros procurando o visto EB-5.

Experiência que você pode confiar

Advogado de imigração da Florida, Larry J. Behar, têm atuado na área de lei imigratória a mais de 30 anos. Ele é o autor de ”How to Immigrate to the USA”, um guia passo-a-passo de imigração, e o ”EB-5 United States Immigration Through Investment” que têm ajudado milhares de pessoas procurando entrar e morar nos Estados Unidos. O Sr. Behar se preocupa com seus clientes e trabalha diligentemente para encontrar soluções aos mais complexos desafios imigratórios.

Áreas de Actuación

Behar Law Group

Introducción a la Inmigración en los Estados Unidos

El sistema Americano de inmigración está básicamente dividido en trés categorías para aquellos que buscan residencia permanente:

  • Lazos prójimos familiares: asi como esposos, padres, hermanos y hermanas, o hijos adultos.
  • Educación: Aquellos con al menos un diploma universitário y de preferencia un master, o aquellos con por lo menos 12 años de experiencia laboral.
  • Dinero: Aquellos con por lo menos $500,000 o $1 millón para invertir en un centro regional cualificado en los Estados Unidos.

Aquellos con lazos familiares solicitarán la residencia por este processo si dichos lazos son de un grado prójimo, el periodo de espera no es largo y el candidato, o patrocinador, tiene la habilidad financiera de pagar por dicha solicitación.

Aquellos con una educación superior, llamados de trabajadores profesionales o capaces, deberán identificar un patrocinador americano dispuesto a contratarlos para un trabajo específico con un pago específico y una descripción específica del trabajo. Muchas veces, esto pone un desafío sério para cualquier extranjero, pues los empleadores americanos generalmente buscan empleados dentro de los Estados Unidos. Aparte de eso, el empleador debe demostrar que es capaz financieramente durante todo el periodo del proceso, para asegurar que el empleado seguirá trabajando con remuneración al fin del proceso.

Luego, nos queda la alternativa del dinero. El programa EB-5 fue creado como una creación de empleos y un programa de inversión extranjera específicamente para incentivar personas de alta escala financiera a inmigrar a los Estados Unidos, estimular la economía americana y hacer una violsa contribución a la sociedad.

Desarrollo del Centro Regional

Abogado de Inmigración de Florida, Larry J. Behar, creó el EB-5 Dream Team que ayuda fomentadores alrededor del país con la creación y administración de centros regionales. El equipo ofrece servicios compreensivos, que incluye:

  • Asesoría legal con respecto a la creación de centros regionales
  • Preparación de solicitaciones de centros regionales y documentos adjuntos
  • Proceso exclusivo de visa EB-5 para inversionistas de centros regionales
  • Administración de centros regionais EB-5

Su One-Stop-Shop

El equipo EB-5 Dream Team consiste en los mejores profesionales empresariales y legales quienes, cada uno en su área, son capaces de asesorar clientes y ofrecer informes escritos de sus solicitaciones de la creación de centros regionales. También, el equipo ofrece habilidad y orientación práctica desde el início y en todo el proceso, para el inversionista y el patrocinador del centro regional.

El equipo ofrece a los fomentadores un one stop shop de economistas, escritores de planos empresariales, profesionales en IT y marketing, abogados del SEC, y autoridades de inmigración EB-5 americana – todo bajo la dirección de Larry J. Behar, un abogado de inmigración de Florida con más de trés décadas de experiencia en ley de inmigración.

El equipo ha establecido centros regionales en varios estados y tiene solicitaciones pendientes para varios centros regionales. Cada presentación de centros regionales es creada con la unicidad que existe tras cada proyecto que se esparce de lado a lado en una variedad de usos, que incluye: hoteles turísticos, mega shopping centers, un hospital, minas de oro, proyectos de desarrollo de tierra y hoteles por todo el país.

Processo del visa EB-5

Usted es un inversionista extranjero buscando vivir y trabajar en los Estados Unidos? Usted es un evelador buscando nuevas fuentes de capital de inversión? Si es así, el programa EB-5 puede ser su respuesta.

Inmigración  A Través de Inversión

El Behar Law Group ayuda inversionistas extranjeros y fomentadores a beneficiarse del programa EB-5 del congresso. Leyes inmigratórias americanas ahora fomentan personas a crear centros regionales que son designados para avanzar la economía americana a través de la creación de trabajos.

Inversionistas extranjeros que tienen más de un millón de dólares para invertir (o medio millón de dólares en algunos casos, cuando el proyecto de inversión esta direccionado a un área de empleo) puede ser elegible para recibir el visa de inversionista EB-5, un camino maravilloso hacia la residencia permanente. Un inversionista extranjero solicitando una visa EB-5 puede vivir en cualquier lugar en los Estados Unidos y con el tiempo, una persona con la visa EB-5 puede ser elegible a la ciudadanía americana.

Proceso de Visa EB-5

Inicialmente, la empresa ayuda fomentadores a establecer un centro regional. Una vez creado el centro regional y aprobado por el USCIS, la empresa entonces actua como el procesador exclusivo de la visa para inversionistas extranjeros que buscan la visa EB-5.

Experiencia en la cual puedes confiar

El abogado de inmigración de Florida, Larry J. Behar, ha actuado en el área de la ley de inmigración hacen mas de 30 años. Él es el autor de ”How to Immigrate to the USA”, un guía paso a paso de inmigración, e de ”EB-5 United States Immigration Through Investment” que ha ayudado millones de personas que buscan entrar y vivir en los Estados Unidos. El señor Behar se preocupa con sus clientes y trabaja diligentemente para encontrar soluciones a los desafíos de inmigración más complejos.