EB-5 系列影片

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高级牛BLG检察长拉里·贝哈尔,编制了几个视频教程,以帮助我们的客户更好地了解EB-5签证计划。这些视频功能的详细信息和EB-5计划是什么?,如何建立一个区域中心?常见问题的意见,所需要的标准成为了EB-5 Invester?,许多问题的。

这些影片,旨在帮助区域中心开发商和EB-5投资者更好地理解掌握上的一切,EB-5。如果你想继续学习更多关于EB-5项目,我们建议您下载我们的免费数字图书(左上角列),或填写的联系方式在这里,你可以要求一个自由的纸张背面副本。 (请务必到指定你会喜欢这本书交付)


Episode 1- An Introduction to U.S. Immigration


Episode 2 – The EB-5 Program


Episode 3 – EB-5 Legislation, from past to present


Episode 4 – The Role of Government Agencies?


Episode 5 – What is a Regional Center?


Episode 6 – Where are Regional Centers Located?


Episode 7 – Who Operates the Regional Center?


Episode 8 – Why are Regional Centers Created?


Episode 9 – State Government Support


Episode 10 – Quota’s in EB-5

Click here to view episodes 11-50 on our YouTube Channel.


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