Mr. Larry J. Behar, senior attorney at the Behar Law Group, takes pleasure in announcing the appointment of Linda Liang to the firm, our fourth EB-5 attorney. Ms. Liang is a member of the California bar and focuses on U.S. immigration matters exclusively.

As a graduate of a Huazhong University of China, Ms. Liang, who is fully trilingual in English, Mandarin and Cantonese will assist the firm in transpacific immigration matters particularly EB-5 issues. A resident of Broward County, she has over a decade of legal experience and will join the firm effective immediately in an “Of Counsel” capacity, choosing to meet with clients and friends of the firm in the field. Ms. Liang will join paralegal Hailing Chen of BLG in assisting all Chinese investors and immigrants.

The firm is also pleased to announce the opening of its EB-5 franchising division to be headed by Mr. Behar and Ms. Liang. This section will allow foreign investors to benefit from the defined structures of U.S. franchises while immigrating to the U.S. and, conversely, assisting U.S. franchisors to become introduced to the China market which is heavily brand driven.

In addition the firm will also assist franchise designers to implement interior store modifications to render them wheelchair friendly allowing disabled persons to become gainfully employed. This novel design will be implemented both in China and the United States through the venerable Wheelchair Foundation which has offices currently in Shanghai and San Francisco.

As the firm defines its next twenty years of operations, we thank all our clients and supporters, friends and family who have been so generous with their time, expertise, and resources. We look forward to continued positive international growth and success.