Choosing an EB-5 Project

Choosing a Regional Center

Your EB-5 Investment In A Regional Center

Over the years, the number of regional centers across the United States has continued to increase. Each contains an economic plan and a business plan, evidencing its unique goal and a vision.

That said, it is important for the investor, prior to investing, to consider the project on its own economic merits, not-with-standing the U.S. residency benefits. As such, it is important for the investor to consider the following factors when determining whether to invest in a given regional center:

  • The investment must be relatively safe, even if there is a deemed ‘risk’ component;
  • The returns from the project during its exploration must be reasonable and reflect market conditions ;
  • The sponsor should have already made a size able financial commitment of his own to the project and thus have a vested interest in the success of the project;
  • There must be a realistic expectation of return of principal at the end of the process or a stated and clear exit strategy;
  • The conditional residency process must be clear and unencumbered.

It is only if when one can answer ‘yes’ to all these issues, that an investor will feel comfortable in determining that a particular regional center is for him or her. Each investor is also encouraged to visit the site and meet with its principals.

Any principal who refuses such a visit is not worthy of an investment. Nonetheless, it is essential that each investor retain the services of qualified EB-5 professionals who will be able to assist in making the determination and who can help evaluate each project on a comparative basis to ensure that the selection is made correctly.