Larry J. Behar, Senior Attorney at the Behar Law Group announced today that the firm has been selected for two major innovative EB-5 projects in the U.S.

The first project will allow for the conversion of a half million square foot pinewood manufacturing facility to become a film and entertainment studio with six sound stages making it the largest of its kind on the eastern seaboard of the U.S.

Situated in the town of Seneca, South Carolina, the $168Million project will generate over 900 direct jobs in the first year of operation and 2,600 jobs thereafter. “With advanced lighting systems and over 100 terra bites of bandwidth, artists/producers will be able to communicate with media markets globally to provide entertainment content at a fraction of the price. The use of digital technology and value engineering provides a win win platform for producers from around the world who will benefit from this extraordinary facility” as stated by the Developer.

The Behar Law Group was also selected by the LDV Hospitality group, renowned for branding high end restaurants in New York City and Miami. With the added EB-5 capital, the company will be on a fast track to expand their operations in the U.S. and implement their business plan. “While we initially thought that we would self-fund our expansion, EB-5 low cost capital will provide additional valuable capital for further immediate growth in both our key markets and franchise expansions” said the CEO of Operations. The company boasts no less than three Iron Chefs on its teams.

The firm is pleased to announce the translation of its guidebook in both the Spanish and Portuguese languages, along with staff additions in both these languages and Russian.

The firm is also spearheading a Congressional initiative to double the EB-5 quota which is nearing its limiting this past fiscal year in anticipation of future growth of the program.

Mr. Behar has delivered three lectures in the past month to various business and academic organizations in South Florida.