Regional Center Development

Florida Immigration attorney Larry J. Behar has created an EB-5 Dream Team that  helps developers across the country with the creation and administration of  regional centers. The team provides comprehensive services, including:

  • Legal advice in connection with regional center creation
  • Preparation of regional center application and accompanying documents
  • Exclusive processing of EB-5 visas for regional center investors
  • Administration of EB-5 regional centers


Your One-Stop-Shop

The EB-5 Dream Team consists of top legal and business professionals who, each in their own realm, are able to advise clients and provide written reports for the creation of regional center submissions. Together, the team provides expertise and hands-on guidance at both the initial stage and throughout, for both the investor and the regional center sponsor. The team provides developers with a ‘one stop shop‘ of economists, business plan writers, marketing and IT experts, SEC attorneys, and U.S. EB-5 immigration authorities — all under the direction of Larry J. Behar, a Florida immigration lawyer with more than three decades of experience in immigration law. The team has established regional centers in several states and has pending applications for numerous regional centers. Each regional center submission is created with the uniqueness that lies behind each project and spreads across a vast range of uses, which include: tourism resorts, mega shopping centers, a hospital, gold mines, land development projects, solar, and multi-use retail hotels throughout the country.