Regional Center Compliance & Administration

A designated regional center receives the benefit and thus a privilege to operate a specific use or uses as conferred by the USCIS. Not all regional center designation applications are approved. As such, the receipt of regional center status is a much coveted benefit to the sponsor and their investors.

In order to preserve its qualification, the regional center must be prepared to file an annual report with the USCIS which will provide required information pertaining to each investor including the names, nationalities, and investment amounts. The annual compliance report will allow the USCIS to monitor the progress of the program, and to assess any dangers of over concentration in one area of the world, or flaws in the recruitment of certain investors. The EB-5 program collaborates with the United States of America’s goal to constantly seek diversity, even amongst its wealthier immigrants.

Failure to file the report on time may oblige the USCIS to revoke the Regional Center status of a specific pre-approved center. Aside from the legal liability of the sponsor for this oversight, it places the investors in serious jeopardy of not being able to file the I-829 lifting of conditional residency.