Agents & Finders


Many investors who gain lawful status in the U.S. have done so through the efforts of an agent, finder, or broker. While helpful in identifying prospective investors to the process, these individuals or companies are not trained in the details of E-2 law.

The role of an agent or finder must be understood to be very limited; acting strictly as an intermediary but not as counsel. Such intermediaries are not bound by the same rules of professional conduct as attorneys or certified public accountants.

Protecting Your Investment

It is essential that any transaction entered into with an agent needs to be with a licensed agency. It is important that the migration is state licensed.

Agents, finders, and agencies are paid a fee from the seller business for assisting and marketing their regional center where lawful.

Some states require, at the very least, that you be aware of the potential conflicts of interests and sign disclaimers to that effect. Be sure to read all documents before signing, and ensure that they are in a language you can understand.